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Letter to the Editor: Superb experience


St. George


In my 88 years of life I felt I had seen everything and heard everything that I would consider the highlights in my life. But on Sept. 5 of this year I met a veteran near my age named Dick Werner of St. George. He suggested that I sign up to go on a veterans trip to Washington, D.C. on Sept. 13. I signed up and joined a number of St. George residents who traveled to Hill Air Force Base and joined 288 other veterans and their wives or relatives for a trip to the nation's capitol. All together there were 244 veterans from ages 79-91 years of age. It was the same group of people that Tom Brokaw has written about; the greatest generation.

All on one plane and with a great send off program, we flew to Andrews Air Force Base near the nation's capitol.

During our time there we saw all the important sites and memorials.

While I am not sure, I am convinced that there must have been at least some of the veterans in our group from Carbon and Emery counties.

The best part of the trip and the part that gained my highest admiration was the timing, coordination, and pre-planning to put this all together. There was not one glitch, not even a minute mistake.

The organizers should be recognized for their patient, kind, tender and thoughtful actions they gave us old last gaspers. Besides the committee, the Patriot Guard of Utah also formed two lines holding 70 flags to which I gave all a salute, a handshake and a hug.

To the male guard members I must say that I can never recall receiving tighter hugs that I was given as I was from your wives and girlfriends who had tears in their eyes as I stepped back.

The hugs and the tears were indeed the frosting on the cake.

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