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Sunnyside city council

Shari Madrid

My husband Gene and I have lived in Sunnyside City for 22 years and I am currently a Sunnyside City council member. We raised our four children here and would not have wanted to raise them anywhere else.

I have been employed, with Sunnyside Ambulance Service for the past 13 years as an EMT. I am also a certified firefighter with Sunnyside Fire Department.

So, needless to say, the proposed public safety building is of great interest to me in more ways than one. We are very close to making this building a reality. Adequate housing, for Sunnyside ambulances and the fire trucks, is of the utmost importance for the safety and well being of our community and I would like to see this project to completion.

Securing and renovating the Petersen Elementary school is also a project I would like to see through. There are many possibilities for the use of this facility including city hall, office space, and a gymnasium for sporting events, library and maybe even a community center.

Sunnyside city mayor and council have been discussing many projects that we would like to see come together. A few of these include upgrades to the little league field, tennis court, Sunnyside Park and the four wheeler trail.

I'm sure there are many other projects and ideas that you, the citizen, would like to see happen. Please attend the city council meetings and give us your input. After all, we represent you, the citizen, and it has been a pleasure serving and representing the citizens of this wonderful community for the past four years and would like your continued support, for the next four years.

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