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Letter to the Editor: Come join us

Chief Warrant Officer
U.S. Army (Retired



I dread writing this, but it needs to be done. This is primarily to the military veterans in the county.

About a month or so ago there was an article about a group of men having coffee in a local restaurant. They were approached by two young children and after a short talk, the children asked for the men's autographs. I was one of those men. The only time that we gather as a group to have coffee is when we come after honoring a deceased military veteran at his/her funeral.

We are losing about 1,500 veterans a day nationwide. Unfortunately, we have lost some of those veterans here. It takes a 15 man squad to make up an Honor Guard. If you are a member of a veteran's association or are interested in joining a group, look under Veterans Affairs in you local newspaper and come join us.

We need your help in saluting these passing veterans. Please come and join us. We will train you in the ceremony.

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