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Letter to the Editor: Hats off to Mr. Burge



Everything Mr. Burge focused on in his statement to the governor was right on track to what has happened. I would like to add my own personal sentiments.

In a press release, the honorable Jon Huntsman stated that if it takes every dollar this guy has in his bank account, he needs to bring closure to this thing. Governor out of respect for the communitie's of Carbon and Emery county "this guy" has a name, and it is Mr. Robert Murray. How hard would that have been for you to say?

Governor, when you attack Mr. Murray about his bank account, you Mr. Huntsman attack all of his employees and the livelihood of Carbon and Emery counties. As far as Mr. Cecil Roberts, union president, asking for an investigation of mining experts to probe the collapse, I don't recall when the tragedy at the Wilberg Mine happened any non-union, co-owner or operator of their mine wanting an investigation. As far as to say MSHA has a spotty track record when it comes to protecting miners. How sir, Mr. Roberts, would you happen to know that fact?

My husband has been coal miner for 35 years. His is professional at what he does as are all miners. I don't appreciate anyone saying, Mr. Murray's miners are not safe. What you are really saying is coal miners aren't smart enough to know what is safe and what isn't. No coal miner is forced to do anything. They make the choice, be it right or wrong. Don't treat these miners like they are small children. If they felt they weren't safe I'm sure they wouldn't be working at Mr. Murray's mines. Give credit where credit is due.

Mr. Murray said the mountain at Crandall Canyon was evil. I'm beginning to think everyone involved in the witch hunt about Mr. Murray are as evil as the mountain.

As I pray everyday for all 15 miners. I say an extra little prayer for their families, and that the Lord will give them courage and strength.

As for the witch hunters, maybe you need to fall on your knees and say a prayer for yourselves.

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