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Letter to the Editor: Variety for everyone



The Helper Arts and Music Festival was well-organized and succeeded in bringing out lots of people. I had more fun there than my last visit to the Sundance Film Festival.

I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Bryan Boucher felt that scheduling heavier music was a mistake; however, his statement that the music appealed only to 10 to 15 percent of the crowd was simply not factual. If he had stayed for a few songs, he may have realized the crowd assembled at the stage was at least large enough in numbers to make up for the people who left as soon as they realized the music would be loud. Everyone who was sitting with me agreed there was an equal proportion, or in terms of numbers, 50 percent.

Mr. Boucher also left too early to hear the announcement from the sound engineer, telling the crowd that The Victim Effect was invited to play because so many people requested them. Rather than complaining about the band that did play (for no cover charge, might I add), a more proactive approach would be to request an alternative band for next year.

I admit that heavier music meets my taste to begin with. This didn't stop me earlier in the day when the bluegrass bands were playing. While I don't particularly care for bluegrass, I still sat back and enjoyed it for the musicians' talent, instead of getting up and leaving. Plenty of older people took my same approach during the Victim Effect's show: they stayed and listened--and probably learned something.

The variety of music and displays offered something for everyone. Scheduling activities that appeal to youth as well as older patrons will ensure a vibrant festival for years to come.

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