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Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on intersection



My husband and I want to express our thoughts as to the current intersection on Highway 6 where it intersects with the turnoff to Spring Glen, and where it also turns off across the road to the golf course.

Trying to get across this highway from Spring Glen to go to Price is difficult, especially at night, with only the current stop sign situation. We would like to know what it would take to consider putting an intersection stop light at this juncture. Has this ever been considered?

At night, it is practically impossible to see in good weather (let alone in bad) what lane the cars coming off the hill from Helper heading south are in. This creates quite a backup of cars waiting to safely enter the highway heading south from Spring Glen.

The other evening, we were coming back from Price, and we counted nine cars backed up, waiting to enter the highway heading to Price. With the traffic level that Highway 6 has in this area, wouldn't it be prudent to install a traffic light at that intersection, before a bad accident occurs due to someone's bad judgment/guessing about getting out into traffic?

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this idea?

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