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Library to host author

Dominic Pulera

Author Dominic Pulera is currently traveling around the United States making presentations about Italian-American issues. As part of his speaking tour, he will visit Price on Sept. 25.

Pulera is coming to Price to learn more about the Italian-American community in the area. People of Italian origin account for more than nine percent of the county's population. To this end, Pulera will speak at an event sponsored by the Price City Library that day. The program is free and open to the public.

In his presentation Pulera is going to describe how people of Italian origin have overcome poverty and discrimination to enjoy great success in the U. S.

"Through the use of numerous facts and anecdotes, I will trace the tremendous progress of the Italian Americans over the years," says Pulera. "I look forward to engaging in dialogue with the people of Carbon County."

He hopes that his presentation serves as a catalyst for the attendees to share their views, thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. This dialogue is especially valuable to him as a researcher, as it gives him insights into the culture of Utah.

"I will write about the Italian Americans of Utah in my next book," notes Pulera.

Pulera is an internationally recognized expert on matters involving race, ethnicity, and gender. His publications include two works of serious nonfiction: Visible Differences (2002) and Sharing the Dream (2004). Pulera's next book is Green, White, and Red: The Italian-American Success Story (expected publication date: 2008).

Among many topics, he can speak on the following:

•How the Italian-American experience in Utah resembles and differs from that of Italian Americans elsewhere in the country.

•The reasons why Italian Americans have prospered over the last century.

•The contributions of Italian Americans to the United States in general and Utah in particular

•The extent to which Italian Americans preserve their ancestral customs and traditions, considered in the context of national developments.

•How the Italian-American story in Utah affirms the American Dream and the opportunities that exist in the United States.

•Why the history of Italian-American progress matters to us today and underscores the significant contributions that immigrants and their descendants make to America.

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