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Price Elks Club boxing hits home

Boxers from all over the state competed in more than 20 bouts on the evening.

Chad Collard, 10 yrs - 55 lbs - Win
Jacob Damron, 11 yrs - 85 lbs - Win
Cezly Collard, 11 yrs - 75 lbs - Win
Jordan Richardson 10 yrs - 85 lbs - Win
Rookie Bales 14 yrs, 115 lbs - Win
Jeff Salas, 18 yrs - 132 lbs - Win
Clay Collard, 14 yrs - 125 lbs - Loss, 3 point decision

Jeff Salas is ranked 10th overall in the national men's division and was a semi-finalist at the western Olympic Qualifier. He received most outstanding boxer for the tournament.

The Elks club team will be traveling to California and Idaho on Sept. 30 with their next home bout scheduled for Nov. 17 in Price. Contact the Elks Club for further information. Coach Mitch Hadden was really proud of his boxers and expressed his appreciation to the events sponsors and the Price mayor for his help in organizing the bout.

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