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Alleviate fall accident, injury risks while preparing landscapes for winter weather

Yard work accidents are relatively common during the late summer and early fall seasons when people start preparing landscapes for the winter months.

As autumn approaches, Carbon County residents frequently rent chainsaws, wood chippers, edgers and rototillers to complete the winter preparation tasks.

But operating rented machinery can pose safety problems unless consumers understand how to handle the equipment properly.

"Employees at equipment rental stores are an excellent source for information when it comes to figuring out how to operate equipment correctly," pointed out Chris Wehrman, chief executive officer of the American Rental Association, the trade organization for the industry.

When deciding what type of machinery to rent, people should ask store clerks to assist in selecting the right equipment to tackle the tasks.

In addition, local residents should ask the clerks to include instruction manuals and to demonstrate the manufacturers' recommendations regarding the operation of rented equipment

Chipping wood into mulch is becoming a popular practice at locations across the nation.

The United States Department of Labor's occupational safety and health administration has developed seven tips to consider while operating a chipper.

Local residents should:

•Never reach into operating machinery.

•Avoid loose-fitting clothing.

•Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and safety instructions.

•Use earplugs, safety glasses, hard hats and gloves.

•Guard infeed and discharge ports. Prevent the access covers or doors from opening until the drum or disc stops.

•Turn off the yard equipment's engine before attempting to remove debris from a clogged chipper.

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