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CEU Announces Scholarship Fund

The College of Eastern Utah has announced that it has established a Crandall Canyon Disaster Scholarship Fund

In response to the on-going tragedy at the Crandall Canyon mine, CEU announced last week that a tuition assistance program for the dependants of the heroic members of the mine rescue team who were killed in an attempt to rescue the six trapped miners in the Crandall Canyon Mine has been established.

"It is in times of tragedy that we must come together as a community to address the needs of those who are suffering," said College President Ryan Thomas. "We at College of Eastern Utah offer what we have as a token of our caring for those who have been affected by these devastating events."

Thomas' grandfather was a coalminer who lost two brothers in the Scofield (Winter Quarters) mine disaster in the early 1900's.

Tuition will be waived by the college for any legal dependant of the deceased rescuers. Donations have also been received to help cover other associated educational expenses.

Individuals or organizations interested in donating to this fund should make their check out to CEU Crandall Canyon Disaster Scholarship Fund. Donations are tax deductible and one hundred percent of the donations will be restricted to covering educational expenses for these dependants while they attend CEU.

The college is committed to the on-going rescue efforts for the trapped miners. Should rescue efforts prove unsuccessful; the program will be expanded to care for the educational needs of the legal dependants of the trapped miners.

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