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Letter to the Editor: about the park



As "disheartened" as I am to hear about a bit of human backlash to a fake society, I don't agree to disagree about what the upright, fruitful volunteers who brought this wholesome and apparently Christian park to existence seem to think about it.

These "vandals" have reasons beyond being "bad apples" for wanting to make a public spectacle. And hey, aren't those the same group of misfits you built part of the park for? Aren't skateboarders and shady, self-acclaimed emo teens, stereotypically portrayed as vandals? What did you expect? You targeted them. And despite the dirt addition for them, you kicked the bikers out of the park against no one's will but your own. I don't suppose that would drive them to vandalize it... you know, with nothing to do and all.

Speaking of nothing else to do...

Kids aren't "having sex and drinking" because there is "nothing to do". There is nothing to do, because they are having sex and drinking. It's nothing more than an excuse for kids who don't want anything else to do. They've decided to join the majority whether their parents have hit realization or not yet.

And besides, the ones that are at home "drinking and having sex" should not be who you are attacking and blaming. You built the park out of good heart, and those kids, the ones who were complaining that "there is nothing to do in this town," are still out... drinking and having sex, and are still complaining about nothing to do. They aren't skaters, they aren't bikers, and they aren't out swinging at 1 a.m. with a little vandalism on the side.

If anyone, you should be attacking the activities, the kids out 'looking for a good time', and their parents--about 10 years ago when they were raising them. Not that I think the parents have done wrong, at least these apples have the motivation and integrity not to be "out drinking and having sex" all the time. That's something your perfect child has been conformed out of before he or she could even figure out what it was. And trust me, sitting your kid down and rambling about community respect is the last thing that will influence his or her decisions.

Personally, instead of worrying about the highly entertaining and obviously emotionally-charging event that went down at the DinoMine park, I'm vary frustrated about the word 'vary' being used wrongly in a newspaper. You see, sometimes, I have varied reactions and emotions when reading an article. I'm into the story, agreeing with the author, and then suddenly I'm reading about sneakers in dissolution. And it's at that point, I realize the spell check doesn't know that "soles" can't be part of a community.

And lastly, I think there's far too much of a reaction and effort being put into keeping your park wholesome and pure. Of course, it's not up to me, and I won't influence in the least the waste of time and taxes doing so, nor do I expect to. But perhaps if you wouldn't fight with the kids so much, you wouldn't stir up problems to begin with. If you're going to run a park like a prison, people will act like they belong there. By the way, I drove by the scene of the crime he night after I had heard what happened. There were four police cars under the street lights, "guarding" the park from further religious treason. And I thought to myself, shouldn't these officers be off fighting crime? Or, at the very least, doing the usual; profiling under-age license plates, and pulling them over for not taking a perfect right-hand turn.

Quite honestly, with the police force distracted improving the quality of life, I was nearly compelled to commit a few crimes of my own.

You know, balance out the system.

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