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Letter to the Editor: Disgusted by damage



I was appalled to see the photo on the front page of the Sun Advocate last Tuesday showing the vandalism to the Dino-Mine Adventure park in Price.

As one of the many volunteers who lent my admittedly untrained hand to the construction of the park, I feel I have a personal interest in it. My company spent many hours helping out, my child plays there, my family purchased a picket in the fence surrounding the park in memory of my husband's late father.

I am just disgusted by these vandals and their idiotic and incredibly selfish act.

I sincerely hope that when the persons responsible are caught that not only they are made to clean up their disgraceful destruction with the same hands that caused the damage in the first place, they are also made to stand in front of the entrance to the park and personally admit and apologize for their act of vandalism to every child and adult that comes by for several weekends at the very least.

Maybe having to look someone in the eye and admit their guilt will make them, and perhaps others who are thinking about doing the same, think again before destroying property in the future.

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