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Barracudas finish season strong

Joset Wells swims in the 50 yard freestyle during the Barracudas recent tournament in Richfield.

On July 27-28 the Castle Valley Barracudas competed in their biggest competition of the year. They swam against seven teams in Richfield including the home team, Moab, Snow College, two teams from Cedar City and Delta.

"Our team swam great, out of 48 events swam by our team members we had 32 best times," said Barracuda coach and contact Karma Davis.

Jill Malone had very impressive times, improving her time in the 50 yard freestyle by 7.74 seconds and 100 yard freestyle by 6.05 seconds. Dakota Noyes took off 10.43 seconds on her 50 yard freestyle and Todd Davis took off 8.49 seconds in the 50 yard breast stroke.

Taycie Davis took off 4.0 seconds in the 25 yard breaststroke and the Barracuda relay team also improved on their time.

Those who swam for the Barracudas include: Taycie Davis, Abby Alexander, Jessie Alexander, Alisann Heath, Micah Forbush, Danni Noyes, Dakota Noyes, Heidi Prettyman, Brittney Willson, Joset Wells, Todd Davis, Christi Wells and Jill Malone.

New team members include: Taran White, Draydon Rasbold and J.W. Broadbent. Anyone interested in joining the Barracudas can contact Kamra Davis at the wave pool or ask the desk for information.

Fall swimming season begins August 17 on Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

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