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Letter to the Editor: Let the council know

East Carbon


As the council person over the East Carbon Fire Department and I feel the people of East Carbon/Columbia should know what is going on.

Today we have 12 firemen that are dedicated to East Carbon and Columbia also helping out Sunnyside when called. I am very proud of these firemen and have tried to give them everything that I can get to help us have the best of equipment to serve the people of the city.

But there is a problem. The decision of the seventh board member to put the new rescue building in Sunnyside has upset the the East Carbon firemen. Some of them told the mayor and council of East Carbon that it is wrong for them to have to go to Sunnyside and then return to East Carbon to fight a fire,

I ask, why do this when we have an adequate housing unit for our trucks and equipment in East Carbon. Time in response to a fire is crucial to homeowners.

I believe Sunnyside does need a new building and that they should receive the grant money to build it.

On the other hand I think East Carbon City should back off of this grant. As a council person you and your homes mean more to me than the money.

As the senior council person for East Carbon I only hope the people of East Carbon/Columbia will work to save our fire department and our city.

Over the years I have served with Paul Clark for four years, Dale Andrews for four years and now Orlando LaFontaine.

As I have said I am proud of the town's firemen and will fight to keep them. To me no building is worth losing these fine men.

The opinions of the East Carbon and Columbia residents need to be heard. Please attend the next council meeting on July 10 at 6:30 and let the mayor and the council members know how you feel.

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