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Spray park to be added to Dino-Mine Adventure Park

Last weekend, after many months, plaques and pickets that were waiting to be put up were installed at the Dino-Mine park.

The personalized bricks and the "In Memory" bricks were also installed as part of a work weekend to complete some of the projects left undone in the hurry to make the park usable after the week long build back in September.

However, the Basso Dino-Mine Adventure Park's construction is an ongoing process with many new features still in the works. One of which will be a new spray park for kids.

Members of the Utah National Guard are planning to build the retaining wall in mid-July that surrounds the west and north ends of the park. The wall will be built out of special block that will hold back the dirt when the park is excavated. Roses will be planted behind the wall to help beautify the area. Roses were chosen because their roots grow deep and once established, do not require a lot of water to sustain.

An asphalt walking path that circles the main park structure will be installed later this summer. The pathway will be similar to the golf cart paths at the Carbon Country Club and can be used to walk or jog on. Parents can use the pathway to exercise on while their children are playing in the park.

Rubber mats have been ordered to place under each of the 13 swings to keep the wood chips from being scattered when children swing. Additional features will be added to the tot area for smaller children to enjoy.

Soon more than sprinklers greening up the lawn will be running at the Dino-Mine Adventure Park.

A finer quality sand from Moab is being donated for the dinosaur digging pit to allow children more ease in digging. Bike racks will be installed as well as a water fountain and shade awnings for some of the picnic tables. Trees will be planted to further enhance the beauty of the park.

The "Thank-you" sign for donors who contributed $500 or more is being designed by local artist, Terry Willis. She plans to create a two-dimensional life-size Allosaurus as the theme of her sign. It should be completed for the one-year anniversary of the park in September.

Renowned artist Gary Prazen designed a five-foot angel with a dove in her hands to be placed in the center of the memorial garden. Prazen hopes to have the bronze statue completed by Memorial Day 2008. According to Virginia Gallegos, the memorial gardens committee still has bricks that need to be sold to help pay for the statue.

A water spray park has been designed for the site and is being bid on. It will be built by late summer and features dinosaurs, splash-o-lator, water web, water cage and other water concepts. The spray park will be located 50 feet southeast of the Dino-Mine Park. It will only be open during the summer months. Volunteers will be needed to help with excavation and to install the PVC pipe and valves.

Because this remains a work in progress, community funding is still needed to keep the momentum rolling.

If anyone missed out on ordering a personalized picket or brick, they can be ordered and paid for in Price city's utility office open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. "In memory" bricks can also be ordered at the utilities office. The committee hopes to raise funds to order additional children's features and for park maintenance.

"We still have some great Eagle Scout projects available in completing the park," Susan Polster, committee chair said. "Scouts can use their creativity, expertise and work ethic in helping complete some of the final projects in the park."

For those that want to contribute their talents and time to finishing the park they can call Polster at 637-6237 for additional information.

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