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Letter to the Editor: Wear your medals

Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Washington, D.C.


America's veterans are the face of America, coming from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds. They served our nation valiantly and we honor that service. But how do we honor the veteran, the individual who put on the uniform and gave his or her all for our country?

This Independence day I am asking every veteran to wear their medals as part of what we at the Veterans Administration call the Veterans Pride Initiative. I'm proposing we take an extra step in honoring each individual veteran and the role he or she played in preserving our independence and freedom.

We began this initiative last Veterans Day. It focuses public pride and gratitude on our veterans as individuals with often untold histories of patriotism and honor. Each American veteran has their own story of service. That is why I am calling on America's veterans to wear their military medals this July 4 and also on our other patriotic holidays, Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Wearing their medals demonstrates the deep pride our veterans have in their military service and reminds all American citizens of who they are and the sacrifices our veterans have made,

It is our hope that families and communities will engage in greater dialogue with a veteran in their midst and (earn their unique story of service.

Veterans, wear your pride on your left side on patriotic holidays. Let America know who you are and what you did for freedom.

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