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Monday fire destroys vacant home

Sun Advocate reporter

Price firemen battle to extinguish the flames erupting from a vacant house on 200 North and 100 East on June 25. Fire had nearly engulfed the structure when crews arrived at the scene at approximately 11 p.m.

A vacant house that was being remodeled for rental occupancy caught fire on Monday night and the devastation caused by the June 25 blaze was almost complete.

"In my estimation, the home is a total loss," indicated Price Fire Chief Paul Bedont during an interview on Tuesday afternoon.

The residence, located at 234 North 100 East in Price, had been unoccupied for a period of time, according to neighbors.

No one was inside the home when the June 25 incident occurred or injured by the blaze.

Bedont said the fire apparently started from a faulty extension cord.

The blaze appeared to have started on the main floor of the structure, then spread to the upstairs of the house.

The blaze reportedly started relatively small and the fire was not detected for some time.

But by the time Price firefighters arrived at the scene at approximately 11 p.m., the structure was largely engulfed by flames, according to Bedont.

Emergency personnel worked hard to keep the blaze from spreading to nearby homes or yards.

The incident capped off a spring where numerous fires, wild and residential, have caused local fire departments to keep busy.

With an unseasonably hot and dry spring behind, followed by a summer showing little promise for different weather conditions, fire officials are concerned about what might happen in Carbon County and at locations across the state.

The fire danger is extremely high and, with the July 4th holiday coming up, officials are concerned that people use fire and fireworks wisely.

The house that burned Monday night reportedly belonged to Trixie and Wayne Whimpey.

The couple currently reside in New Mexico.

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