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A Salute to the Lighter Side Of the News

Sun Advocate Publisher

Media is often accused of running tragedy stories, like accidents, robberies, murders or fires because they sell newspapers. That isn't the reason these stories are covered and often given top billing. The real reason is because the readers want to know about these events and buy the newspaper to find out what is happening.

I covered an event Saturday that may not be ranked top of the list of most sought after stories, but as a photographer I was in heaven and would argue with anyone that the features that picture several children or animals are often just as popular as other news events.

I attended the Pleasant Valley Days in Scofield Saturday and never saw so many wonderful photo opportunities of children and dogs in my life. Normally I would snap 20 or 30 pictures of an event but when I downloaded the film this morning I had almost 100 photos. Now the difficult job comes, to pick out the best eight to 10 pictures that tell the story of the 2002 Pleasant Valley Days. This is not going to be an easy job.

This was my first all-day visit to Scofield and my first time attending Pleasant Valley Days. Word on the street from people who attend it every year was that the attendance was up substantially over previous years. But it was incredible in 2002. The food booths, the children's activities, a wonderful parade and the annual Kiwanis "Ducky" race, highlighted the action-packed day.

Hat's off to the Scofield community and the planning committee for organizing such a popular and smooth running event.

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