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Letter to the Editor: Keep it simple



As a father of four, I am 31 years of age and I am trying to make it through life's struggles like everyone else. But I take a look back, and being raised by a very traditional strong structured family, I find it increasingly harder to parent the same values as did my generation.

With so much going on in this world, I find a slowly raising obstacle of more and more paperwork and time spent to fill out forms, placing calls to follow up on resources such as health insurance, bills, etc. So many changes to keep up with. All of this needless work takes time away from me and my wife to spend the proper and quality time with my family and more so, my children.

Keep it simple. Why do the insurance companies have to complicate their plans, financial accounts add more forms, etc. requiring more and more personal work. More-so I have noticed that these companies are making more and more mistakes, which again requires more time to follow up on their mistakes.

Again, let's get back to and simplify all of these steps and processes and let's allow parents, like myself, less stress and more time to lead and teach our your generation basic old fashion family life.

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