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Letter to the Editor: June is safety month

Utah Safety Council president


When it comes to safety, most Americans are more concerned about being a victim of a random act of violence than they are about being seriously injured in an accident. But the reality is we are more likely to be hurt or even killed from a car accident, poison or a fall (National Safety Council, 2007).

According to the National Safety Council, in 2005 there were 24 million preventable injuries and 113,000 accidental deaths. With this in mind the Utah Safety Council wants to focus on safety by proclaiming June as National Safety Month.

This year's theme is, Celebrating Safe Communities, which reflects on the realities and the importance of grassroots and community efforts to promote safe and healthy behaviors that protect people from harm in their workplaces, while driving, and in their homes and communities.

Nationally and in Utah, motor vehicle accidents remain the leading cause of accidental death. Driving behaviors, like speeding, distracted and impaired driving and not wearing seatbelts, contribute to thousands of motor vehicle deaths and devastating injuries each year. Poisoning from an overdose of over-the-counter, prescription and illegal drugs has become the nation's second leading cause of accidental death.

In Utah, poisoning is the third leading cause of accidental deaths and falls are the number two cause.

At the Utah Safety Council we believe that accidents are preventable. We know from research that awareness plays a huge role in reducing the risk of injury and changes in behavior and basic preventative measures can save lives. Zero injuries is our goal.

We applaud those people who are leaders in safety and who are committed to injury prevention. This is the perfect opportunity to increase awareness and the risk of injury that surround all of us and encourage the community to come together to promote safe and healthy behaviors in all aspects of life.

Communities across the country will be celebrating National Safety Month throughout the month of June.

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