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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

Well, I have procrastinated as long as I could. I tried to ignore the weekly deadline for my column by playing computer games and actually doing the paper work for my small business. Well, not all of it, but enough to remind me that I hate the paper work part of business.

So here I sit as unmotivated as I have ever been to get this done. I actually feel like I could be in congress and put off doing anything until the final hours before vacation and then blame everyone else when nothing is accomplished.

I am leaving next week to go on a river trip and so I need to get two of these written before Tuesday. Who can I blame if I can't meet my deadline? My grandkids! Most of you with small kids around the house would buy that.

I thought about ranting about the poor fan behavior in the last Jazz home game, but what can you say that hasn't been said. Hey Utah, jerky behavior ain't just for New Yorkers any more. Now I hope I haven't offended anyone from New York. I think you are great people too.

I also considered writing to encourage people to ride their bikes more to save gas and get in shape. But then I can't find many bike racks around town so we can lock our bikes up even if we did. The local merchants aren't really very keen on you taking your bike into the store with you to keep it safe. I know because I have tried it.

I was going to comment on the wonderful weather we've been having, but then the weather turned bad. For a group of people with limited water resources, we sure don't remember to turn off our automatic sprinklers when it rains.

Speaking of water, the next time any of you go down to Vegas, take a few empty water jugs to fill up while you're down there. New studies have shown that the aquifers that Las Vegas are drawing from are more connected to the ones in Utah than previously thought. Since it looks like we are heading into another extended drought period we might as well borrow our own water back. Oh and take really long showers while you are there as well.

So here I am stuck, not knowing what to write about as I think about next week floating down the river without a care in site (until the rapids). I am leaving the grandkids and husband behind to contemplate life and recharge my batteries.

I will be out of touch with the news, television and radio for seven days. In that time a lot can happen or sometimes nothing at all. We have become such a society that wants to be plugged in to everything that some days you have to laugh at what passes for news.

I'm sure that the producers of the nightly news must have days like this where they can't really find much to say.

So keep it boring for a week for me and I'll be back in touch.

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