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Jewelry trends for weddings

Certain classic pieces will always be in style for weddings, but each year brides are met with ideas that borrow concepts from mainstream fashion and can provide a welcome twist on a wedding wardrobe. There are many exciting options in store for brides this year in terms of jewelry and accessories.

Leading bridal jewelry company Carolee says that these trends are hot for 2007:

•Vintage-inspired jewelry: Create a romantic look with delicate but ornate swags of pearls and crystal in choker-length necklaces. Button or drop earrings with crystal and filigree also offer a vintage feel.

•Pearls, pearls, pearls: These are classic, and always a favorite for brides, but now pearls are more fashionable than ever. They're chic not only in white, but in pinks and metallics, both for the bride and bridal party. For a change, look for genuine cultured fresh water pearls, which are affordable and elegant.

•Statement pieces: Create drama with a choker with open work floral designs decorated in crystal. Or place an ornate crystal and pearl pin or combs in the hair to complement a look.

•Long, linear earrings: Earrings have become more dramatic. Short to medium single strand drops with crystal and pearl are in style. Linear earrings elongate the neckline and create a slimming vertical line to the face.

•Bridal party gifts. The trends don't end at wedding party wardrobe. They continue into bridal party gifts, such as sterling silver for bridesmaids and the bridal party. Carolee's Sterling Sentiments bangles, engraved in five languages with words like "Friend," "Sister," "Love," "Dream," "Wish," "Inspire," "Joy," "Love," and "Imagine" can be cherished mementos.

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