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Letter to the Editor: Contraceptives like a cancer

Pace. Fla.


Artificial contraception is a silent cancer growing on our society.

Contraception launched the sexual revolution which led to promiscuity, failed marriages, countless STD's, and abortion on demand. Men no longer look at women as partners, but as objects.

Several "contraceptives" are in fact abortifacients, meaning they cause early abortions, even before a woman knows she's pregnant. Contraceptives have horrible side effects and treat children like a disease. The Bible tells us that children are a gift from God. What right do we have to refuse a gift from God?

Cohabitation and failed marriages continue to skyrocket. Couples are no longer able to share themselves with each other totally in the sex act.

There is a barrier not just physical, but also emotional, erected between them. They are closing one part of themselves off from each other, and from God. The couple becomes dissatisfied and end up in divorce. Many in retrospect will see the beginning of the end in their marriage when they shut-out the possibility of children.

As for single people, don't have sex out of wedlock. It is a sin that will cause you to rot.

As a physician, I stopped prescribing contraceptives seven years ago and I see a tremendous difference in the health of those who use contraceptives and those that do not.

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