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Letter to the Editor: Bill will not secure country



When this great country of ours was founded, one of the founding fathers said the price of freedom is vigilance.

Well today to many of this country's citizens refuse to pay the price and those who are not willing will soon be wondering what happened.

When I am out and about I do not here people talking about the problems that plague our country. (Of course this does not mean they are not.) This lack of concern seems to the same at work. I know, it seems as though the yahoos in Washington do not listen to the people that vote them into office. A definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. In this case the silent majority do nothing, except keep voting the same people back into office, why then are we surprised of the results.

What is a major concern of the majority of the population today is illegal immigration. Lets face it an immigration bill of some sort will be passed. Unfortunately the yahoos in Washington forgot about the law that is already in place. It calls for employer enforcement, tighter border security, and a few other things that are not being enforced.

The current bill being argued in the senate calls for the 12-20 million illegal to voluntarily come forward, pay a $5000 fine, all back taxes and go back to the end of the line in their original country. It will also allow them to bring in their family. Should this bill come to pass, at least 30 million more people will come here in a few short years. It calls for them to assimilate into our culture. However, many of them do not want to do that now.

The new law does not secure the border. It does not stop a terrorist from becoming a legal citizen.

As it is currently written it will make the taxpayer responsible for their legal bills. I suppose we already are. We are already paying for their medical bills.

The preceding is the way I understand the bill which is being debated in the senate. It is my belief that the senators that drafted this bill and those that will vote for it and the person who will sign it into law do not have the best interest of the country in mind. They should be voted out of office.

We need to secure our borders. We should call Senator Hatch and Senator Bennett about stopping this bill. And don't forget to call the president as well.

The way I understand it this bill will make illegals, legal, almost immediately.

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