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Letter to the Editor: Legislating decency



I regularly pick up trash from the road east of the new cemetery while I run my dog. Aside from the usual tell-tale contraband, beer bottles and wrappers, I find the most ridiculous debris imaginable. Old mattresses, painting supplies, cardboard boxes. There is currently a gas grill along the road, awaiting a second trip for disposal.

This, no more than a half mile from the dump.

So while I am sympathetic to Mr. Dornan's complaint, (County addresses littering on road to landfill, Sun Advocate, May 22, 2007) what's going to happen is more illegal dumping out in the brush.

Like most legislators, the commissioners have decided to enact a new law instead of enforcing the one already on the books. Since the county doesn't want to deploy a deputy to issue $1000 littering tickets, we are going to empower the dump attendants to determine what 'unsecured"' means and if it applies to a specific load. Then they will be empowered to act as law enforcers, with, what, a two hour class?

Sorry folks. I hate it as much as you do. Legislating decency is as tough as outlawing stupid and we have enough laws already.

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