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Gals of Steel win the Big Meltdown Contest

The Gals of Steel, Linda Johnson, Charlotte Olsen, Mindy Monson, Lori Ball, Amber Pruitt and Laurie Nelson won the The Big Meltdown Contest (weight loss) at Castleview Hospital recently. Each of them won $100 for their efforts.

As a whole there were 122 participants in the contest and they lost a total of 2158 pounds.

Brian Powell awards the first prize of $400 for weight loss in the competition to Mindy Monson who had a 17.58 percent weight loss during the contest. Dr. Chad McCance won second place ($200) with a 15.11 percent reduction and Laurie Nelson took third ($100) with a 15.07 percent loss.

In the most weight lost category Bruce Anderson took first place ($100) by losing 38.3 pounds. Several people were recognized for losing 25 pounds or more including Peggy Clark, Lowell Morris, Dave Donaldson, Belle Wilson and Paula Rowley. Elaine Goodrich was recognized for losing the most inches. All together more than $2500 was given out in prize money.

Another weight loss contest will be held starting May 14 and it is open to the public. Contact Castleview Hospital for more information.

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