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101 critical days of summer

Memorial Day is the beginning of the summer travel season when many people like to hit the road to their favorite vacation spots. Memorial Day also marks the beginning of the "101 Critical Days of Summer." Every year, more people are injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes between Memorial Day and Labor Day than in any other period of the year.

The Utah Safety Council estimates four people may die in traffic crashes this busy holiday weekend and at least four crashes will occur with people suffering serious injury. The council issues fatality estimates for major holiday periods to draw attention to the serious issue of motor vehicle injuries and deaths.

Many law enforcement agencies nationwide will be helping this Memorial Day weekend by enforcing speeding, drunk driving, seat belt usage and child restraint laws with the Click it or Ticket Campaign

As the Memorial holiday period ends, the focus will turn to National Safety Month in June. The Utah Safety Council wants you to be safe this summer and offers travelers tips for the busy weekend.

•Seat belt and child restraint usage are the easiest and most effective ways to protect passengers while on the road.

•When taking long trips, allow plenty of travel time and take time for breaks. Drowsy driving can reduce reaction time almost as much as drinking.

•Obey the speed limit.

•Do not drink and drive.

•Keep a safe following distance; use the "three second" rule.

•Drive friendly and be courteous.

Safety belts play an important role in surviving motor vehicle crashes. A simple decision to wear a safety belt could save a life.

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