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Letter to the Editor: Rush to Judgment

Santa Clarita, Calif.


On May 1, an immigration rally was held in Los Angeles, Cali.. There were many illegals and their supporters present. The rally was peaceful until somebody started throwing rocks and bottles at the police who were there to keep the peace.

The police soon restored order. Some people, including police officers, were injured.

The mayor, who was out of the country, rushed back to LA. He said he wanted to punish the officers. The police chief promptly demoted a high ranking officer, transferred another, and took an elite group of 60 officers, who were at the rally, off the streets.

Neither the mayor nor police chief said much about arresting those who caused the disturbance. Even the FBI is involved.

These actions have caused a sharp decline in officer morale.

Now, more than ever, it is time to support our local police and keep them independent of federal control.

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