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Letter to the Editor: Cemeteries look good



A few days before Mothers Day I put some flowers on my mother's grave at the Price City Cemetery. While I was there I noticed not only where my mom was buried but several other sections in the cemetery had the same thing done to them that my mothers grave had. Every head stone had the grass trimmed around it. In all of the years that I have taken flowers to the cemetery this had never been done.

I would like to commend the crew that takes care of our cemetaries for going "the extra mile" and doing this. There are many people buried that have no family to look after the care of their graves any more and it is sad when you see some that you know have not had upkeep for a very long time.

It is human nature with manyh of us to always point out when people don't do things or when they don't do them right. I always feel it is very important to tell people when they do a good job. We have a great cemetery crew, supervisors and city councilman who are in charge of our cemeteries.

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