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Prices jump at gasoline pumps, exceed record levels

Record high prices for gasoline are being set almost daily in Carbon County, across Utah and throughout the United States.

According to the latest gas report from AAA Utah, the average statewide price for regular self-serve gasoline has increased 42 cents to reach $3.21 per gallon.

The average per gallon cost represents a record level price for Utah, registering 30 cents higher than a year ago.

In Carbon County, motorists are paying an average of $3.19 per gallon at the self-serve gasoline pumps.

Twelve states have reported pump prices higher than Utah.

The current national price registers at $3.09 for one gallon of regular, self-serve gasoline.

The current price is 22 cents higher than one month ago and 16 cents higher than one year ago, pointed out the AAA Utah report.

Motorists in all of the Intermountain West experienced trepidation as they filled up vehicles during the past month.

Idaho's average price increased 34 cents this month to $3.19.

Montana's average price jumped 28 cents to $3.16 per gallon.

Wyoming saw a 35 cent increase. The average price in Wyoming registers at $3.05 per gallon.

Colorado's motorists saw the highest increase of all in the Intermountain West.

The current price in Colorado has reached $3.25 per gallon, representing a 43 cent increase from last month.

Arizona's price increased 14 cents to the current average of $3.09.

Nevada's price increased 18 cents to the current average of $3.25.

California's price, the highest in the country, increased 14 cents during the last month.

California's motorists are now paying an average of $3.48 cents a gallon for regular self-serve.

South Carolina has posted the lowest price in the nation at $2.84 a gallon.

The Utah cities surveyed by AAA witnessed hefty price increases.

Logan's average price increased 39 cents to the current price of $3.20 a gallon for regular, self-serve.

Ogden's price jumped 41 cents to the current average of $3.19 a gallon.

Salt Lake City's motorists saw prices jump 41 cents to $3.17. Provo's average price also jumped 41 cents.

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