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PRWID Board Reviews Employee Benefit Policy

Sun Advocate reporter

The Price River Water Improvement District board members are reviewing PRWID's employee policy agreement.

Officials started reviewing the policy after concerns regarding personal use of district equipment were raised by a PRWID employee at the May 1 board meeting, .

The employee indicated that he had witnessed the staff's personal use of district equipment and asked if he had the same privileges. He wanted to confirm PRWID's policy on the matter.

After revisions for the policy were placed on the May 15 agenda, several PRWID employees showed up at the board meeting to discuss concerns and questions regarding the matter.

The board opened the meeting for discussion to all who wished to express concerns.

Several PRWID workers said they thought the employee agreement allowed the staff to use the district's equipment as a benefit. The employees said they have enjoyed the privilege for years and do not want it taken away.

Board member Richard Tatton raised the question about liability concerns.

"Who is responsible when a accident happens?" asked Tatton. "We need to make sure we are not going to be held liable in these situations."

Some board members felt there needed to be a legal clause added to the policy releasing all responsibility or liability for any equipment that has been loaned to employees for personal use.

Another concern voiced by Tatton was that the wording in the policy was not entirely clear on what type of equipment is acceptable for employees to use and what type is not.

Tatton felt the policy was unclear and needed to be modified to include specific definitions clarifying what equipment is available for personal use.

All equipment is to be checked in and out by employees with immediate supervisors.

Board member Keith Cox asked the PRWID employees for input on what equipment they would like to see be available to them.

The employees stated that PRWID trailers have always been available and the hand tools many workers take home on trucks in the evenings also should be available for personal use.

Tatton suggested that the agency needed to make sure that the PRWID logo is clearly affixed to all of the district's heavy equipment.

PRWID manager Phillip Palmer reported that he is fairly confident that the logos were already in place.

The board approved a motion to update and apply all necessary legal clauses to protect PRWID from liability concerning personal use of district equipment.

In addition, changes will be made for the clarification and specification of which type of equipment will be prohibited and what will be available for personal use to company employees.

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