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Carbon County News Briefs

Wellington city council releases tentative budget for 2008 fiscal year

Wellington city's tentative budget was released for review at the May 9 board meeting.

City councilmembers accepted the plan for review and possible approval.

Tentative capital expenditures for 2008 include: a flood retention basin for $350, a one ton chassis for the fire department at a cost of $35,000 and a new police car for the Wellington City Police Department at $30,000.

The budget will go back up to the city council for final review on May 23.

East Carbon, Sunnyside cities decide on final board member for safety building

The East Carbon-Sunnyside public safety building board met on May 11 to discuss possible candidates for the seventh member of their board. The group consisting of public officials and citizens from both towns had sent letters to 10 candidates earlier in the month to determine their interest in joining the board. Of the 10, six returned letters showing willingness to join the board. After discussion a vote was conducted and Liz Kourianis was chosen as the seventh and final member of the board. Kourianis will now be faced with the task of reviewing possible sites for the construction of the proposed joint public safety building.

Matheson announces awarding of Carbon County Airport grant monies

On May 11 Congressman Jim Matheson announced the award of a Federal Aviation Administration grant to the Carbon County Airport in the amount of $1,950,000.

Matheson said the grant will provide funding to construct the third phase of the parallel taxiway at the airport. The grant will also provide funding to construct an apron for additional tie down spaces.

"Completing the parallel taxiway will improve safety at Buck Davis Field by minimizing back taxi operations on the runway," concluded Matheson.

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