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Price city's wellness program goes 'all in' for community poker walk

Sun Advocate reporter

Kathy Hanna-Smith enjoys the Price city poker walk at Cove Basin Park.

Price city's wellness program is in full swing, conducting many events this year.

This is the second year for the health program and it is proving to be quite a success. Price city received the Outstanding Policy Award at the healthy Utah wellness conference conducted in Salt Lake City on April 17.

This award recognizes Price city for their accomplishment in the promotion of work site wellness.

Last week's poker walk was just one example of the many healthy activities promoted by the wellness program.

City employee's and the local public were invited to the event which was organized at the new Cove Basin park.

Citizens and local officials alike showed up with their children, baby strollers and pets to walk for the wellness event. Mayor Piccolo also showed up to support the cause.

The participants walked the trail a total of five times gathering cards at each pass. The person with the best hand at the end of the exercise won the pot. Everyone got some good exercise and a few laughs out of the deal.

The wellness program is in place to help businesses promote a healthier lifestyle for their employees.

In turn, this helps overall moral and wellness in the workplace.

These programs are inexpensive ways to show employees the organization is interested in them as a total person.

The program hopefully also cuts down on sick leave and missed work time in general due to better health, according to local officials.

Another goal of the preventive program is to help lower insurance costs, which are rising at a staggering rate each year.

According to a study of a wellness program at Providence General Medical Center, percapita workers' comp costs were reduced 83 percent and other savings were realized in reduced sick leave and health-care costs, thanks to the implementation of a wellness program.

Wellness programs also help to recruit and retain the most effective and productive employees.

Studies have shown a correlation between employees that seek out corporate wellness programs and the most productive workers.

These studies document tangible economic benefit from wellness programs.

Intangible benefits may be even more important to an organization's overall health. Increased productivity is one of the most important benefits of operating a business with fit, healthy employees.

For more information on wellness programs for a place of business, or for businesses in the area who implement these types of programs contact www.

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