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Buck deer permits will be available July 18

Beginning July 18, hunters will be able to purchase permits for spike deer hunts held across the state this fall. Hunters are encouraged to arrive early to ensure that a permit is obtained at the time the sale begins.

A total of 153 central region permits will be among the general buck deer hunting permits available for purchase at the Division of Wildlife Resources internet web site, and its six offices, beginning at 6 a.m. on July 18.

"This is the second year that Utah residents have been allowed to purchase permits not taken by nonresidents in our big game draws," explained Judi Tutorow, wildlife licensing coordinator for the DWR.

"There were 153 central region permits that weren't taken by nonresidents in the draws. These will be available to both residents and nonresidents, beginning July 18," stated Tutorow.

Nonresidents will also be allowed to purchase permits that residents don't take. The following general buck deer permits for this fall's hunts will be available to both residents and nonresidents.

•Statewide archery, 6,513.

•Northern rifle or muzzleloader, 14,936.

•Central rifle or muzzleloader, 153.

•Northeastern rifle or muzzleloader, 3,975.

•Southeastern rifle or muzzleloader is sold out.

•Southern rifle or muzzleloader is sold out.

"The central region permits will go fast and the DWR encourages people who want one to log onto the internet at 6 a.m., or to be in line at one of the offices before 6 a.m.," Tutorow advised.

"There is no need to be at divison offices at 6 a.m. unless a central region permit is what is desired. There are plenty of other permits available and these can be obtained by visiting the web site, or a divison office," explained Tutorow.

Visiting the divisions internet site at is the quickest and easiest way to get a permit, but a credit card is needed to do so. Hunters who do not have a credit card must visit a nearby division office.

Hunters who purchase a statewide archery permit are reminded that in addition to the regular general archery season, which runs August 17 through September 13, may also hunt extended seasons on the Wasatch Front and Uintah Basin extended archery areas. The hunt on the Wasatch Front area runs August 17 through December 31, while the hunt on the Uintah Basin area runs August 17 through November 3.

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