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Letter to the Editor: Consider this

Keene, N.H.


Having owned guns and been an active hunter for over 60 years I feel qualified to speak on the subject of guns.

Why do I own a gun in the first place? I can think of only three possible reasons.

•To go hunting.

•To use for target practice.

•For self defense.

I can't think of any other reason, can you?

That being the case, why do we gun owners need an assault weapon? Is it just for kicks?

Isn't it time we stepped up and told National Rifle Association to take the lead in calling for a ban on the manufacture of all automatic and assault weapons of every caliber?

During World War II a manufacturer had to have a D.O (Defense Order) to produce anything for use by the armed forces. If we reinstated such a requirement we could eliminate the manufacture or importation of these "toys" except for armed service or police use and put an end to multiple slayings like Virginia Tech and Columbine. The NRA could expand it's membership and win over many anti-gun folks by taking this lethal bull by the horns.

The NRA needs to hear it from us gun owners. Let's call, write, or email them.

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