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Commission seeks change in travel policies for employees

Sun Advocate reporter

Changes in Carbon County's employee travel budget were amended at the May 2 board of commissioners meeting.

The revisions for the county personnel policies and procedures were discussed concerning the daily and overnight expenditures for county employees.

The current policies specify that there is a per diem of $10 food allowance per day and a $20 allowance if individuals are out of town after 5 p.m. on a business day.

There is also a $35 allowance for overnight county business ventures included in the current policies

The recommendation from Carbon Commissioner Mike Milovich was to eliminate the $20 per diem for the extended day trip, raise the $10 daily rate to a $15 stipend to cover both daily and extended daily allowances.

Milovich's recommendation left the overnight rate for county employees at $35.

After a discussion between county employees and supervisors, Carbon Commissioner Steven Burge stated that he would also like to see in effect a simple more itemized expense form offered by the county.

One that the employee could turn in with their expense report.

Burge felt that, when county employees are provided a free lunch while at a conference or other work related activity, they should have to show that deduction on the new expense form. This way, the full re-payment would not be applied for that specific day.

Burge felt that it was the fairest and best use of the taxpayer dollars.

Also on the agenda was the matter regarding county employees swiping in and out during the work day.

Employees are required to swipe out on the time clock for any and all personal leave, such as, leaving for lunch or doctor's appointments.

The problem arose because of employees writing in their times instead of swiping county time cards when coming to or going from the office, according to officials.

Department supervisors stated that some employees are unable to swipe out because they are working out of the office after business hours.

In the past, the employees have been permitted to write in work times manually.

Carbon commissioners agreed that writing work times should not be standard practice. Only supervisor changed time cards should be accepted.

All county employee's will need to request time changes with write ins to be completed by direct supervisors only.

There will be no exceptions.

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