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PRWID Discusses Impact Fees, Heavy Equipment Policies

Sun Advocate reporter

During the May 1 meeting of the Price River Water Improvement board, discussion on impact fees were back on the agenda.

The fee is charged to PRWID customers who are involved in new construction projects that will impact the water and sewer process.

Established property owners who wish to rebuild or add on to existing structures will not be affected.

The reason for the fee is to help subsidize the cost of expansion due to the impact of growth and demand on our sewer and drinking water system.

The fees were originally charged to county residents only. The ordinance was later updated to include sewer impact fees for city and county residents.

A request was made to raise the fees from $400 to $700.

One reason for the proposed increase is an attempt to balance the debt owed to PRWID for providing past funding for water and sewer projects.

Impact fees are appropriated for specific purposes and must follow all ordinance guidelines, noted PRWID officials.

The repayment to PRWID falls under the guidelines.

PRWID board member Karl Houskeeper pointed out that balancing the funds is going to be a difficult task.

"We have already burdened the public with other areas that we were forced to raise in the past," said Houskeeper. "How hard are we going to make it on the people?"

The impact fee issue will be reviewed by the PRWID board members and discussed in more detail in the future.

At the May 1 meeting, questions were raised regarding personal use of PRWID equipment.

Concerns were voiced by an employee who was confused about the district's policies pertaining to the matter. He said he had witnessed fellow employees using the PRWID equipment for personal projects.

The employee questioned the impact of the personal use would have on district expenses since PRWID has been working on cutting budget costs.

The board indicated that some use of PRWID equipment was permitted. But personal use of heavy equipment is prohibited.

The board offered a copy of the district's current policies and the members said they would look into the situation and make the proper reprimands if necessary.

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