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March regional science fair winners announced by schools

These students were winners at regional science fair in Cedar City on March 21 and 22.

Junior Division

Air Force Award

1st place-AJ. Harmond - MHJH

United States Army Award

1st place- Adam Bedont - MHJH

Dept of Health & Human Services

1st place-J.J. Morley - MHJH

Navy-Marine Corps Awards

1st place-Nathan Samuelson - MHJH

3rd place-Peter Mantas - MHJH

4th place-Alex Voda - MHJH

American Psychological Association Awards

1st place-Kristen Jewkes -MHJH

Association for Women Geoscientists

1st place-Teasha Greenwood -MHJH

Hoover Presidential Award

1st place-Nathan Samuelson -MHJH

Utah Veterinary Association Award

Daniel Lester - MHJH

Alfa Mathematics Award

Nick Hansen - MHJH

Young Scientists Awards

Cody Hunt - MHJH

J.J. Morley - MHJH

Animal Sciences

3rd place- Daniel Lester - MHJH

3rd place-Paul Ramirez- MHJH

2nd place-Alex Voda-MHJH

Behavioral Sciences

3rd place-Whitney Morgan - MHJH

2nd place- Adam Bedont - MHJH

2nd place-Kristen Jewkes- MHJH

High Environmental Analysis

3rd place-Teasha Greenwood - MHJH


1st place-Cody Hunt - MHJH

2nd place-Nick Hansen - MHJH

High medicine and health

1st place-J.J. Morley - MHJH

3rd place-Sharlee Herrick - 2nd place-Nick Hansen - MHJH


2nd place-Brandon Gibson -MHJH

Plant Sciences

3rd place-Mary Peterson - MHJH

3rd place-Jaylee Nielsen - MHJH

2nd place-Jace McKinnon - MHJH

Senior Division

American Meteorological Society Award

1st place-Cameron Hansen -MHJH

Hoover Presidential Award

1st place- Scott Potter - CHS

National Society of Professional Engineers

1st place-Nicholas Child -CHS Intel Computer Science Programming Award

1st place-Brian Powell-MHJH

United States Army Award

1st place- Scott Potter - CHS

2nd place-Nicholas Child- CHS

Team Project Army Award

1st place- Kendal Hansen/Michael Larsen - MHJH

U.S. Metrice Association Award

1st place- Jordan Hussey - MHJH

Navy/Marine Corps Award

4th place-Heather Bird - CHS

Yale Science and Engineering Award

Scott Potter - CHS

National Park Service Award

2nd place-Nicholas Child - CHS

S.U.U. Geology Club Award

1st place-Cameron Hansen-MHJH

Natural Resources Award

Scott Potter-CHS

Nature High Summer Camp Award

Brandi Trolin - MHJH

High Society of Intro Biology

1st place - Paul Goodrich - CHS

Behavioral and Social Science

3rd place-T.J. Curtis-MHJH


1st place- Paul Goodrich - MHJH


1st place-Sydney Van Dyke-MHJH

3rd place-Brett Davis-HJHS

Computer Science

1st place-Brian Powell-1st place-Sydney Van Dyke-MHJH

Engineering: Materials/Bioengineering

1st place-Nick Torres-1st place-Sydney Van Dyke-MHJH

Engineering: electrical and mechanical

1st place-Scott Potter - CHS

2nd place -Nick Child - CHS

Environmental Analysis

1st place- Kelsey Vasten-MJHJH


3rd place-Cameron Hansen - MJHJH

1st place-Jordan Hussey - MJHJH

Physics and astronomy

3rd place-Preston Grant - MJHJH

Team Projects

1st place- Brittney Jepson/Jenna Jepson - CHS

Intel International Science Fair Winner

Scott Potter-CHS- Will represent Carbon district in New Mexico.

ISEF Finalists

Sydney Van Dyke- MJHJH

Brian Powell - MJHJH

Kelsey Vasten - MJHJH

Nick Torres - MJHJH

Jordan Hussey - MJHJH

Scott Potter - CHS

Paul Goodrich - CHS

Nick Child - CHS

Jenna Jepson/Brittany Jepson-CHS

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