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Letter to the Editor: People are paying

East Carbon


I am not a member of East Carbon City council. I am the wife of the Sunnyside City mayor. What I am is a very frustrated citizen of the area.

I am so tired of what is going on between the East Carbon council and the Sunnyside City council over the new safety building. The C.I.B. has given us a grant of one and a half million dollars for a new building, all we have to do is come together and decide where to put it. Of course East Carbon wants it in their city and Sunnyside wants it in their city, and every citizen just wants it up.

I have attended both city's council meeting and found out that they blame each other for things not getting done. It's the people who are paying the price for their indecision.

We are an aging community, and by the time we get our new building, we might be a dying community.

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