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Letter to the Editor: Time to speak up

East Carbon


Recently adequate evidence was presented in a filled to capacity court room on to set a trial in Idaho's Chubbuck District court against pastor Joshua Robinson youth pastor of Gate City Christian Church, the alleged sexual abuser of the minor victim.

BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) has scheduled a ride in support of the victim and her family for April 15, 2007.

According to John Walsh of televisions 'Americas Most Wanted' child abuse is the number one crime which goes unpunished. A pedophile will violate on the average 116 children in his life time and only 10 percent of these crimes against innocent children will go to trial, leaving the pedophile free to continue his actions as predator upon our children.

If you know or have been a victim of a child predator, now is the time to come forward exposing the lewd conduct, preventing him from violating another unsuspecting child, as did this brave young lady in this story.

God's word gives a predator two choices. The first is to come forward and confess your sin to God creating accountability, asking for forgiveness and accepting the punishment. In the second choice, Gods words are also clear, "Harm one of my children and you shall be cast into the ocean with a noose around your neck.''

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