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Letter to the Editor: Great program



I am writing this letter to publicly acknowledge a fantastic youth program we have here in our community. The program I am referring to is the Wellington Jr. Jazz program.

This was our first year playing and I am positive it won't be our last. I can't say enough about how organized it was and how much emphasis was put on sportsmanship. They (Amber Adair) even went so far as to have anonymous judges attend each game and vote for two team's coaches and then sent those winners to meet some of the Jazz players, get autographs and attend a Jazz game. What a great incentive for the kids (and coaches) to work towards.

But that's just the beginning. I had children in two different age groups and therefore dealt with two different coaches. They too were excellent. Both took time out of their busy schedules to not only show up for the games on Tuesdays and Thursdays but they also held practices and there they taught these kids the fundamentals of playing basketball. From how to dribble correctly to defining what a foul was they were taught how to play basketball. All of that alone was worth what it cost to play Junior Jazz. But Amber took it even further than that. She planned an awards night (nothing big) but she thanked each of the wonderful coaches and then she provided awards for each child that played which consisted of: a Jazz team poster, certificate signed by Jerry Sloan, t-shirt, basketball net and basketball for each child. Every kid knew that they were "winners" and that I believe is what a youth program is all about.

All who helped coach, referee, and support the program should be commended. They all made it such an enjoyable learning experience for my kids that I know we will be back next year.

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