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Prarie dog hunting closed

The whitetail prarie dog lives in many places in Utah.

The prairie dog hunting season closes from April 1 until June 15.

This news may come as a shock to sport shooters, who target the "pot guts" for recreation. Just like game animals, prairie dogs now have "open" and "closed" seasons.

From April 1-June 15, all prairie dog hunting is prohibited by law across the State of Utah. This doesn't apply to landowners, who need to control prairie dogs on private property.

Seasonal protection of prairie dogs during their breeding season encourages successful reproduction and rearing of young. After June 15, hunting is allowed only for the whitetail and Gunnison species. The threatened Utah prairie dog, found in southwest Utah, is protected yearlong under the Endangered Species Act.

The distribution of Gunnison prairie dogs is restricted to country east of the Colorado River.

Whitetail prairie dogs are present elsewhere in Utah.

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