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Letter to the Editor: What part of no don't you understand?

Salt Lake


I am a co-sponsor of a petition for putting the Real Salt Lake Stadium bill up for ballot vote via the referendum process.

The soccer team has been playing in the Rice-Eccles Stadium. The Salt Lake County mayor responsibly rejected a plan for building a new stadium in his county. The results of public opinion polls found the majority of Utahns were opposed to this stadium. Subsequently, a stadium bill was rushed and passed through the state legislature. Because of this, a petition process has been initiated.

Since signatures will need to be collected within a few weeks, time is of the essence. This petition isn't a "for or against" the stadium proposition. It simply provides an opportunity for the voters of Utah to once again be heard. Since our state representatives and governor turned a deaf ear, this is the last chance for our democratic process be carried out. KSL television recently conducted another opinion poll. Not surprisingly, once again, the majority of the people of Utah supported signing this petition.

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