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Letter to the Editor: Thankful for decision



I am so very thankful that the Carbon County Board of Education voted to not renew the superintendents contract.

It's just really sad that it didn't happen two years earlier, before our town was destroyed by the closure of East Carbon High School.

Credits were given to him in the paper, if it is a credit to close a school in a rural area then he achieved what he set out to do. I personally spoke to Superintendent Sorenson, who led the school district a few years ago and the first thing he told my husband and I was there is no way rural schools should be closed.

The bad effect on the students, parents, and all families plus the towns outweigh the good that comes from it. Yes, I know money, test scores and other issues were part of making the decision. But the real effect never seemed to be part of the administrations interest. We felt no compassion.

We also knew the board had made their mind up before they ever started their so called community meetings. It was all for show.

I applaud the present school board members for standing up and letting everyone know they are the voice of the people and students. It's too bad the damage has been done to this area. There have been three families that I know of personally that said they wanted to move to East Carbon and Sunnyside, but because there is no high school they chose to live in Price.

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