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Members sought for Utah Boating Advisory Council

Utah State Parks and Recreation is looking for three new members to fill vacancies on the Utah Boating Advisory Council to represent the interests of marine dealers, river runners and youth boaters.

Council members are appointed to the Boating Advisory Council for four years. Members must be willing to serve in an advisory position and further the mission of Utah's Boating Program. Applications will be accepted through April 1.

"Council members need to be active participants and must be able to effectively communicate with other boaters on matters brought before the council in the area of boating they are applying to represent," said Dave Harris, boating coordinator with Utah State Parks and Recreation.

Council duties include periodically reviewing the Division's boating program and making suggestions for changes to maximize the effectiveness of Utah boating programs and laws. Council members also prioritize statewide boating facilities projects and advise the Board of Utah State Parks and Recreation on boating matters.

For more information or to apply for a Boating Advisory Council position, contact Dave Harris, boating coordinator at (801) 538-7341.

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