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Avoid avalanche areas

Due to recent and continued heavy snowfall, Utah State Parks and Recreation, Utah Avalanche Forecast Center and Utah Snowmobile Association are urging snowmobilers to stay out of avalanche areas, and stay on groomed trails and flat terrain this weekend.

"With the expected heavy snow falling on unstable layers, we are encouraging snowmobilers to call ahead for grooming and avalanche conditions, stay on the trail, and avoid high marking this weekend," said Ann Evans, Utah State Parks off-highway vehicle education coordinator. Evans reported three Utah snowmobilers died in avalanches last weekend.

Snowmobilers venturing out this weekend should follow these lifesaving tips.

•Call 1-800-OHV-RIDE for avalanche conditions.

•Avoid high marking.

•Avoid off-trail use.

•Carry a beacon, probe, shovel, and a first aid kit

•Share your itinerary with someone not on your trip.

•Call (801) 231-2170 for avalanche training.

Utah State Parks and Recreation is the snowmobile recreation authority for the state of Utah. The agency administers the summer and winter off-highway vehicle (OHV) programs including education, user compliance, trail grooming and maintenance, and search and rescue.

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