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Graphical poster depicts Carbon County

Richard Yates holds a sample of the type of poster that will be produced this summer of the Carbon County area.

A map is a map is a map.

But what Richard Yates has brought to town is no map, but a graphical poster that will probably show up on walls all over the county when it is distributed this summer.

"We're in the business of getting towns to advertise themselves," said Yates. "Some of our past posters have turned out awesome."

And it appears Carbon County's will too.

Yates has been in town for well over a month talking to businesses about their spot on the coming poster, which will depict the county's roads, parks, schools and buildings in caricature form.

Yates works for Town Square Graphics, Inc., a company based in Alpharetta, Ga. As he goes about his business he relays information back to his office and they start to produce a poster unlike any other of an area.

In his daily routine he talks to business owners and sees if they are interested in being on the poster (so far more than 45 of them are) and then he takes photos. Lots of photos.

Those photos are sent back to the graphic artists in the home office where they start putting together first the caricature drawings of the people and buildings and eventually transfers those drawings to a layout of the area that will appear on the poster.

"I've been selling these for a long time," he said. "I've been at it long enough that I have done some places twice. Most people feel the life of one of these posters is about five years, but I have seen some, done long ago, that are still hanging around in businesses that have stuck through the good and bad times."

Businesses who decide to put their place in the sun on the poster also have a lot of options such as having the faces of personnel who work there with the building, having balloons with their names on them flying on the skyline in the poster, etc.

When the posters come out the businesses who purchased spots on the poster will get a certain number of them for promotion purposes. In addition a version of the posters will be distributed to almost 5,000 households as an insert in the Sun Advocate.

"Because community pride is depicted on the graphic, we feel it is very important that all the citizens in the area receive a poster," said Yates. "That is why we are working with the Sun Advocate to distribute them."

The posters will be a 22-by-30 inch full color rendering of the area.

For more information call Yates at 1-800-849-6277, extension 30.

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