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Letter to the Editor: Defends program

Carbon County Recreation director, Price


This letter is in response to Andy Barnett's letter to the editor (Feb. 13, Sun Advocate).

While I share Mr. Barnett's concerns for the youth of our community, I think he is misinformed about our youth recreation program. Carbon County Recreation programs have comparable participation, per capita, with nearly every other community in the state. We run quality programs with fees that are substantially lower than most communities. This is directly due to the commitment of the Carbon County Commission in providing far more funding than most communities. For instance, the football program fee in Riverton is $230. They play the same eight games as we do in Carbon County, where the fee is $65.

Yes, in some programs participation is down. It is down statewide, as well as nationwide. Obesity is a nationwide epidemic. Our goal is to provide the most diverse program possible, to interest as many of our youth as possible. That includes all of the sports programs, as well as the most diverse outdoor program offered in the intermountain west.

I am very proud of Carbon County Recreation. We do more than any other rural community recreation program. In fact, we have many programs no urban recreation agencies have.

In 2006 Carbon Recreation offered 98 programs, of which 50 are youth programs and 27 family-oriented. Those programs involved 6,976 people, who participated in 82,660 hours of recreation programming.

We are always interested in constructive criticism of our programs and will do everything in our power to improve them and make them as good as they can possibly be. Contrary to what Mr. Barnett suggests, I believe most people are supportive and appreciative of our program.

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