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Dwr, Sitla Agree to 10-year Agreement Allowing Hunting, Fishing on Trust Lands

The Trust Lands Administration and the Department of Natural Resources have entered into a new agreement to continue to allow public hunting, trapping, fishing, and viewing of public wildlife on approximately 3.2 million acres of Utah trust lands while providing fair compensation to Utah's schoolchildren and other trust beneficiaries.

The agreement is for a 10-year term beginning September 1, 2007, continuing through September 1, 2016.

In addition to providing public access on trust lands, the Trust Lands Administration has agreed to not:

•Join in any Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit for the life of the agreement

•Enter into any agreement, lease, or contract that would preclude hunting, trapping, fishing, and viewing of public wildlife

The Trust Lands Administration:

•Will continue to have jurisdiction and regulatory authority over trust lands

•Can continue to pursue revenue generating activities on trust lands

•Can continue to lease or sell trust lands

If the Trust Lands Administration sells or leases certain large blocks of trust land, the payment made by the Department of Natural Resources to Trust Lands will be reduced by specified amounts.

"I believe we have an accord that serves two worthy purposes - public access to premium hunting and recreational lands and fair compensation to the beneficial owners of those lands," said Kevin Carter, Director of the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration. "I am pleased with the outstanding effort the Department of Natural Resources and the Division of Wildlife Resources have devoted to this arrangement."

"We are pleased with this new agreement. It represents a fair balance between the interests of the Trusts Lands Administration and DNR," said Mike Styler, DNR Executive Director. "The agreement preserves these critical wildlife habitats and keeps them open to hunters, fishers and other wildlife enthusiasts."

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