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Utah special needs registry good for seniors

The Utah special needs registry has been developmed for individuals who may require special assistance from emergency services personnel during a disaster or other emergency.

Seniors who believe they may need help in such a situation can either register on-line or over the telephone.

To register on-line go to, fill out the requested information, submit the form on-line and update the information on an annual basis. For questions on-line applicants can send an email to

Over the telephone seniors may dial 211 to speak with a special needs representative.

The registry has been created as a supplement to an overall personal emergency preparedness plan. Everyone should have equipment and supplies to last a minimum of 72 hours in case of a disaster or emergency.

The kinds of information the registry requires is what kinds of life-sustaining medications are needed, if the person has vision, hearing or speech impairments, if supplemental oxygen is needed, any kinds of life sustaining equipment that may be needed, if mobility or home care assistance is required and if a service animal is needed.

Seniors who need this service must also be aware that being in the registry does not guarantee emergency services in case of a disaster, but it does allow authorities/ rescue personnel to at least be aware of the situation.

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